Scotland Photography Workshop

11-15 October 2019

Having spent the best part of the last few years exploring Scotland and its wild landscapes, I can’t think of a better place to host my first photography workshop.

The trip will take place over 5 days in mid-October, one of my favourite times of year to explore the Highlands. The grass is green and trees still hold all their leaves, but the wetter, moodier weather of winter is beginning to show itself. Over the course of the trip we’ll make our way north, taking in classic scenes of Glen Coe and Glen Etive, heading through the West Highlands and onto the headline locations of the Isle of Skye. We’ll work on a mixture of landscape, travel and adventure style photography, looking how to capture the grandeur of a location and bring story and dialog into your images. Back at our accommodation each evening we’ll import our days work and take an in-depth look at post-processing and photo editing.

Throughout the trip we’ll visit a variety of different Scottish landscapes, and get the chance to shoot castles, mountains, cliffs, lighthouses, lochs, and Scotland’s wildlife. Aiming to bring you a variety of different experiences, we’ll cover the famous locations and landmarks like the Old Man of Storr and Neist Point Lighthouse, as well as some of the lesser known and less frequented spots.


Dates: 11th – 15th October 2019
Start: Glasgow, 10:00AM 18th October
Finish: Glasgow, 6:00PM 4th March
Price: £2000
Deposit: £500
Available places: 8

What’s included?

4 night accommodation
5 days exploration and shooting in Scotland
Photography guidance and instruction
Post-processing and editing advice
Marketing and social media advice
All meals, drinks and snacks

What’s not included?

Transport/flights to and from Glasgow
Accommodation before and after the trip
Personal travel insurance, immigration, and visa fees
Alcoholic beverages

A little more detail

What level of photography experience is required?

The workshop is open to anyone and everyone, no matter skill level or previous experience. A basic understand of photography principles and how to use your camera would be helpful, but not essential.

What equipment should I bring?

• DSLR/Mirrorless Camera
• Lenses
• Laptop (with Lightroom/Photoshop)
• SD Cards/Hard Drives
A DSLR or Mirrorless Camera is considered ideal for this workshop, as well as choice of lenses. You will be able to take part in workshop with just the kit lens or 24-70mm, but the best set up would be to also include a wide angle (around 16mm) and zoom lens (70-200mm). Feel free to bring tripods if it is part of your usual practice, but we won’t be making a point of using tripods during the trip. A laptop and external hard drives would be great to be able to maximise the evening editing sessions, as well as a subscription to Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Extra batteries and SD cards are crucial – I would advise to bring enough batteries to last for two full days, and at least 32GB+ (as well as a large external hard drive to back everything up to).

Can I bring my drone?

Yes you can bring your drone, but please be aware of the rules and regulations of the UK – see for more details. Scotland has some incredible landscapes to photograph and drone, but we will be prioritising handheld camera photography. If you do choose to bring a drone there will be plenty of opportunities to use it, but you always do so at your own risk and without the support of Jack Anstey and the staff.

What clothing should I bring?

• Waterproof Jacket and Trousers
• Hiking Boots
• Warm layers
• Gloves and hat
Scottish weather can be pretty wild, and I always recommend to come over prepared. I’d recommend bringing several layers to ensure you stay warm – but that you can strip back when the hiking gets hot. A waterproof jacket, over-trousers and hiking boots are essential for any trip to Scotland (even in the height of summer). Bear in mind that we will be standing for long periods of time whilst shooting, so I would recommend warm socks, hat and a pair of gloves that you are able to you use your camera whilst wearing. Being comfortable, dry and warm is of the upmost importance to me when I’m out shooting – I find my creativity, concentration, perseverance and patience is very dependant upon my comfort level.

What will the weather be like?

On any given day you can see all four seasons of weather in Scotland, so it’s best to always be prepared. For this time of year I would expect us to see a little sun, a little rain and have daytime temperatures of around 5-10ºC. Whilst this is what I expect, we could also have an entire trip of clear skies, or constant rain – Scotland’s landscapes lend themselves to almost all conditions and part of our experience will be adapting and adjusting to the changing weather.


No. Midge season runs from June to September, so by mid-October we should be completely fine. If you don’t know what midges are consider yourself lucky.

What’s the trip going to be like?

The itinerary is going to be busy, action-packed and exciting. As with most of my trips, we will most likely be heading out to shoot an hour before sunrise, and in many cases won’t be back until after sunset. In the evenings we’ll have the opportunity to look over images and work on some edits, or kick back and relax before the next days adventure. On trips photography always comes before eating and sleeping – I’ll make sure there’s a hefty supply of snacks available in the vehicles and of course you can sleep as we’re driving between locations. There are certain famous landmark locations the we will definitely be visiting, but ultimately the weather will dictate our full plan and route.

Where will we be staying?

Accommodation will be confirmed closer to the time, but we will be aiming to book hotels/self-catered accommodation close to our desired shooting locations. Twin or Triple shared rooms are a possibility and individual rooms cannot be guaranteed. Same-sex rooms/dorms will be ensured.

What and where will we eat?

Photography is always the priority, so we cannot guarantee exactly when and where we will eat, but we will do our best to ensure there is enough food for everyone. Snack food and drink will be available in vehicles. Please make any dietary requirements known in advance.

Where are we meeting?

A precise location will be confirmed closer to the time, but we will be meeting a short taxi ride from Glasgow Airport for breakfast.

How do I get to Glasgow?

You are responsible for your own travel to and from Glasgow. Please contact me for travel to other airports, collections could be arranged from other nearby airports.

Start your application

Acceptance onto the workshop follows a telephone conversation and payment of deposit (£500)

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