Camasunary Beach Clean

Camasunary Bay is one of the most beautiful areas on the Isle of Skye and yet it’s hard to visit without the experience being tainted by the quantity of rubbish and waste that is washed up on the beach. I’ve been a few times now to stay in the wonderful Bothy and climb the nearby peaks, but each experience has left me with a sour taste and the damage humanity is doing to the planet. When the opportunity came along to join a community beach clean I felt compelled to go along and do my part. The walk in from Kilmarie is short and pleasant, even with a couple of heavy bags, and we were treated to a beautiful summer sunset for our first evening. Unfortunately we awoke to some very dark clouds and spent most of the day in all different degrees of rain. It really is shocking the amount of plastic, rope and other waste washed up on this beach and even though a dent has been made it really isn’t addressing the root of the problem. I know for sure I’ll be back in future, not only to enjoy the beautiful scenery and mountains but also to help clean and tidy up the bay.