Jack Anstey

AGE // 28
OCCUPATION // Freelance Photographer
BASED // In a van, United Kingdom

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved the outdoors. My childhood memories are of exploring the fields behind my house, climbing trees and building ramps for my bike. I got my first camera aged 14 to photograph me and my friends skating, and since then I’ve loved capturing moments and sharing them with others. As I got older I began taking more trips and spending more of my time outdoors; I discovered mountains, wild camping and starry night skies – my eyes were opened to the incredible beauty of the world and I became addicted.

I’ve lived in the city and spent time in the hustle-and-bustle of modern life, but I’m finding more and more that it’s the simple things that keep me grounded. Fresh air, sleeping outdoors and incredible views are all things that help make me humble and greatful. It’s in nature that I feel most comfortable and alive, it provides me with peaceful moments as well as exhilarating adrenaline filled action.

After studying a degree in Graphic Design I relocated to the Peak District where I spent most of my free time outdoors; I’d work in the office by day and spend my evenings and weekends mountain biking and taking photos. Fast forward five years and I’m now pursuing my dream, trading the conveniences of the modern world for van-life and chasing the next mountain summit or golden sunrise.

Photography has taught me to appreciate the world around me and to look at my surroundings in a different way. It’s taken me to places I would never have dreamed of, enabled me to experience incredible things and altered my whole outlook on life.